Alberto Juarez

Alberto is a man of many talents. He was previously a cook at a restaurant owned by now-infamous Mario Batali in California. There he saved money that he took back to his home district, Tlacochahuaya, and re-invested in agriculture to the benefit of his whole community. Read more about Alberto below.

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Alberto Juarez

When we met with Alberto, we asked him “What is the best part of your job?” and he responded “The parties!”. Befuddled, we asked “What parties?” and he told us that every time he and his team harvest the garlic, it is like a local fiesta for the community of people involved. They work hard in the field but enjoy the work, as it benefits all, and chat with friends and family.

The garlic Alberto produces is some of the best garlic we have tasted. Through lab tests, he has found that the garlic is 30% to 80% more concentrated than the standard garlic found in for example Puebla, Mexico. Alberto’s garlic is used in many of the sauces made by Abraham, and we just love what it does for the flavor!