Our Salsa Makers: Sandra, Tereza, and Abraham

Our salsa makers Tereza and Sandra (mother and daughter), and Abraham from Oaxaca are all highly skilled salsa-making experts who love what they do! While being passionate about their salsas, they also aim to make a difference in their local communities through their work.

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Our Salsa Makers: Sandra, Tereza, and Abraham

Tereza and Sandra

Tereza and Sandra (mother and daughter) have started an Oaxacan family company that supports women and seeks to offer 100% natural foods, conservative free.

In the beginning it was never part of the plan to start a company, but Tereza’s seasoning was so good that customers began to ask for custom varieties of her salsas. And thus Sandra and Tereza’s company was born: a mixture of love, seasoning, and good taste.

Together they are dedicated to preparing sauces, moles, jams, and dehydrated fruit using the best Mexican ingredients. They seek to promote women’s participation in agriculture and business – a mission we are fully on board with. They were the first brand to introduce this type of fruit salsa mixture to the market in Oaxaca.


Another of our salsa makers is Abraham. Abraham is a 3rd generation salsa maker from Oaxaca. There are many salsas in the world, but Abraham’s salsas are special. Why? Because his habanero salsas are based on a secret fruit vinegar recipe that the family developed over more than a decade ago.

The vinegar contains fresh fruits from all across Oaxaca. Combining the vinegar with the premium ingredients Abraham finds for his products is what makes his sauces so special. We love working with Abraham, as he not only makes incredible products, but also takes the time and effort to make sure his employees and suppliers receive a fair share of the benefits.