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Chipotle Peanut Macha

Our rich Chipotle Peanut Macha is a delicious chili oil infused with roasted peanuts and chipotle, giving it a warm, spicy flavor and smoky, earthy aftertaste. Use to add flavor and crunch to tacos, meat dishes, roasted vegetables and potatoes.

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Salsa Macha

Product Description

Unlike our mild Salsa Macha, this Chipotle Peanut Macha is infused with roasted peanuts, and chipotle, giving it a smoky and earthy aftertaste.

Salsa macha was originally "invented" in Veracruz, where the Spanish first arrived, as a fusion product combining African, Mexican, and Spanish ingredients. The outcome is a beautiful chili sauce with a crunch.

Serving Suggestion

This Macha sauce goes great with grilled meats, eggs, roasted vegetables and potatoes. You can also use it in marinades, or as a condiment for your tacos or tostadas for a bit of smokiness and extra flavor.

Chipotle Macha: A New Take On A Veracruz Specialty

Learn more about this fusion food that combines Mexican chilies with Spanish ingredients

Nutritional Information (per 100 grams)

Energy (Energi)2359 KJ / 564 Kcal
Fat (Fedt)Total 53,1 g / Saturated fat (Mættet fedt) 7,7 g
Carbohydrates (Kulhydrat)Total 13,9 g / Sugars (Sukkerarter) 1,6 g
Protein (Protein)10,3 g
Salt (Salt)2,6 g

EN/DK: Extra virgin olive oil /Ekstra jomfru olivenolie (40%), peanuts /jordnødder (32%), chilies (chipotle morita, árbol)(16%), apple vinegar /æbleeddike, garlic /hvidløg, salt /salt, laurel/ laurbær, oregano /oregano.


Peanuts. May contain traces of nuts and sesame seeds

49 DKK