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Mexican Creator's Kit Gift Box

This gift box includes all the ingredients to become a true Mexican Maestro and impress any guest with delicious fresh and homemade tortillas made from high quality Mexican masa harina with the proper Mexican tools. Topping off with specialty sauces from Oaxaca and organic flavourful dried chilies, you have the beginnings for a delicious and adventurous Mexican meal.

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Product Description

The perfect present for your talented foodie-friend or family member who loves to experiment and make dishes from scratch.

With this gift box, you can take your tacos game to the next level! Nothing beats warm homemade tortillas, and this bundle gives you everything you need for the perfect Mexican experience. Make tortillas from scratch simply by mixing masa harina with water and creating perfectly shaped tortillas by pressing them in a high-quality cast iron tortilla press. To keep the tortillas warm and moist, use the handmade multipurpose dishtowel placed in a tortilla warmer – both of which are made with love by artisans in Southern Mexico. To serve delicious tacos, our specialty sauces are a perfect companion.

By surprising your loved ones with our Mexican Creator’s Kit, you can bring exotic flavours and Mexican food traditions right into their kitchen!

Serving Suggestion

This gift box includes:

- Masa Harina - White Corn

- Tortilla Warmer

​- Red Tortilla Press

- Mexican Kitchen Towel (picked from various colors)

- ​Chipotle Peanut Macha

- Tamarind Salsa

​- Organic Árbol Chili Powder

- Organic Ancho Chili Powder

Nutritional Information (per 100 grams)

More information can be found on individual product pages.

More information can be found on the individual product pages.



499 DKK