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Hibiscus Salsa

The combination of the tart, berry-taste of the Mexican hibiscus flower “Jamaica” and the smoky, spicy chipotle chile in our Hibiscus Salsa creates an explosion of flavor that adds depth, heat and sweetness to meats, tacos, cheese and more.

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Product Description

All of our fruit salsas are made using the best quality fruit that can be found locally in Oaxaca. Our Hibiscus Salsa is made from the Mexican Hibiscus flower "Jamaica", which has a vivid red color and tart, berry-like taste. When combined with a bit of chipotle chile, this salsa has a zesty flavor that makes it a must-try.

Serving Suggestion

Like our other salsas, this Hibiscus salsa has a distinctive taste that works wonders as a grilling sauce. Its sweetness, heat and slight smokiness complements pork belly excellently. It also goes great with tacos and can be used as a condiment for cheese platters. This salsa is great for meats like lamb, duck, and goose or as a spicy jam with cheese or eggs.

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Nutritional Information (per 100 grams)

Energy (Energi)413 KJ / 99 Kcal
Fat (Fedt)Total 0,2 g / Saturated fat (Mættet fedt) 0,01 g
Carbohydrates (Kulhydrat)Total 24,6 g / Sugars (Sukkerarter) 24,3 g
Protein (Protein)0,1 g
Salt (Salt)0,9 g

EN/DK: Water /vand, hibiscus (25,1%), sugar /sukker, vinegar /eddike, salt/ salt, canola oil /rapsolie.


May contain traces of peanuts, nuts and sesame seeds.

45 DKK