Palomitas con Salsa

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Palomitas con Salsa

Preparation time:

  • 5 minutes in total

Serves: 2


  • 1 bag of popcorn
  • hot sauce of choice
  • lime juice (optional)


Once you’ve tried popcorn with hot sauce, a regular bowl of popcorn will never be enough ever again!

Hot sauce on popcorn? It’s not the combination you first think of when pulling out that bag of popcorn, but it has been a long-standing spicy snacking tradition in Mexico, where it's a street food classic called Palomitas con Salsa or popcorn with hot sauce. Usually, you can buy it from street vendors that walks around in the towns or from a local corner market. The palomitas are filled inside plastic bags and you can choose whichever topping you want - but the most popular choice is lots of hot sauce. 

The concept is not rocket science and you don’t even need a recipe to recreate it at home. Have a bottle of Vera Mexicana hot sauce? Check? Freshly popped, unflavored popcorn? Check? Well, you’re in business. However, you do have 3 different methods available...


  1. The dip: Pour hot sauce in a separate bowl and simply dip your popcorn - this is a great method if you’re unsure about this combo.
  2. The drizzle: Drizzle some hot sauce over your popcorn, eat the popcorn and add more sauce as you work your way down to the bottom (that's the method we used).
  3. The bag shake: After popping, drizzle some hot sauce into the microwave bag or into a plastic bag if you’re making popcorn on a stovetop. Close the bag and shake, shake, shake! This method will disperse the sauce more evenly while keeping the popcorn crunchy.

Author notes

We prefer to use our Blackened Habanero Sauce on popcorn because it has an intense flavor without too much of the fire. Opt for our Fiery Habanero Sauce if you’re hardcore. Finish with some freshly squeezed lime for extra freshness.

Looking for more ways to spice up your plain bowl of popcorn? Toss with chili powder to give your popcorn that extra oomph! You could also add some smokiness by opting for our Oaxacan Chipotle Sauce or sprinkle your popcorn with chipotle powder.